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Special Processing Devices

Japan QualityWe design and manufacture ultra-precision processing tools (mold, functional parts, etc.) that fit into various types of works and machines, such as processing machines, evaluation equipment, etc., that fulfill high-precision requirements.

Shape of work is becoming complex and the demands for absolute accuracy in the precision processing are getting strongly required as time goes by.

For example¡¦¡¦¡¦
  • An automatic machine which enables anyone to operate processing, rather than relying on the worker's
    Skills, while the existing machines are unable to solve problems.
  • Technical needs which were raised during various processes.
  • Technical issues which are unable to solve without cooperation between former and latter processes.

Techno Rise will assist you to meet various kinds of technical needs raised during development through mass production in your company in order to solve technical issues/problems described above. These are accomplished by making full use of technical know-how obtained through technical alliance with manufacturers being active in each field of expertise.

Note: Fixtures are tailored equipment, exclusively for each customer, i.e., newly designed and manufactured products in response to each customer's specific demands.
Brush Polisher
Brush PolisherBrush Polisher
Equipment for recycling liquid remover of membranes for color filter
Equipment for recycling liquid remover of membranes for color filter
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