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Various Semiconductors
Domestic Distributor of
Genesys Logic
Domestic Distributor of AiT
We provide various domestic and overseas electronic devices.
Starting with Genesys Logic of Taiwan, which is one of the top manufacturers of USB Controller and PCI Express Controller, we also provide you with products such as Mask-ROM, Flash and RAM which are mainly from Taiwan.
We will also provide you with products upon request of quick delivery, small quantity or discontinued products by fullest possible use of our domestic and overseas channels of purchase. Please feel free to contact us.
Genesys Logic, Inc.
GENESYS LOGICDomestic Distributor of Genesys Logic, Inc.
Product List of Genesys Logic, Inc.
USB2.0 controller
¢§ GL800USB USB2.0 UTMI Compliant Transceiver
¢§ GL811USB USB2.0 to ATA/ATAPI Bridge Controller
IEEE1394 Controller
¢§ GL711FW ATA/ATAPI to 1394 Native Bridge
Two in One Solution
USB Scanner Controller
¢§ GL646USB Three-in-one Scanner Controller for USB and 1394
USB Hub Controller
¢§ GL650USB USB 4Port Hub Controller
USB Bridge Controller
¢§ GL640USB IEEE1284 to USB Bridge
USB Network (GeneLink)
¢§ GL620USB USB PC-to-PC File Transfer Controller
¢§ GL620YSB USB PC-to-PC Networking Controller
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Advanced Innovation Technology Corp. ¡ÊAiT¡Ë
AiTWe offer products of AiT (Taiwan).
We offer products such as DC-DC converters which is compatible with various manufacturers.
Please consider cost reduction with high quality AiT products.
Product list of AiT
Product Group Product Family Part Number Product Description Cross Preference
General Purpose Audio Amplifeier A2211 1.25W Fully Differential Audio Amplifier W/Internal Feedback Resistor TPA6211
A2212 1.25W BTL Audio Amplifier LM4990
A2216 1.6W Audio Power Amplifier MAX4364/LM4891
A2218 1.8W Differential Audio Amplifier MAX9718A/B/C/D
Comparator A4983 Ultra-Low Current, 1.8V Comparator MAX6332/33/34
A4985 Low Power Single Comparator MAX985/986
A4989 Low Power Dual Comparator MAX989/990
A4993 Low Power Quad Comparator MAX993/994
Supervisor A4806 500nA Low Power uP Supervisor MAX806
A4807 230nA Low Power uP Supervisor MAX6326/27/28
A4808 150nA Ultra Low Power uP Supervisor MAX6326/27/28
A4809 500nA Low Power uP Supervisor MAX809
A4815 Dual-Voltage uP Supervisor W/Manual Reset & Watchdog MAX6826/27/28
A4816 uP Supervisor w/Manual Reset & Watchdog MAX6829/30/31
A4820 Triple-Voltage supervisor LTC1985/1728
A4823 Quad-Voltage uP Supervisor  
LED Driver LED Driver A8110 Single Cell WLED Driver  
A8130 3 Fold Serial WLED Driver  
A8132 Step-up, Drive one or two 1-3W WLED w/Constant Current  
A8142 4£ø400£íA¡¡Precision Current Source Driving RGB¡¡and WLEDs  
A8160 Step-up, Drive one to six 20-40mA WLED in series w/constant Current  
A8180 8-Bite LED Driver w/Diagnostics, Constant-Current  
A8230 3 Serial LED Controller  
A8242 Dual, Triple & Quad LED Driver for White, Blue or any Color LED FAN5611/12/14
A8243 Quad LED Driver for White, Blue or any Color LED w/Shutdown Enable  
A8404 40 Channel LED Driver  
A8450 5 Channel LED Driver W/Flash Light  
A8464 4-Digit LED Driver, Serially Interfaced MAX7221
A8468 8 Digit LED Driver, Serially Interfaced MAX7219
A8470 7 Channel LED Driver W/Flash Light  
A8474 4-Digit LED Driver, Serially Interfaced  
A8478 8 Digit LED Driver, Serially & SPI Interfaced MAX7219/21
A8605 480mA Flash LED Driver and Backlight  
A8610 1A Flash Driver  
Power Management DC-DC A7510 1.4A Step-up/Step-down/ Inverting DC-DC  
A7512 Buck DC-DC w/External Switch  
A7530 Buck DC-DC w/Internal Switch  
A7106 600mA 1.5MHz Syn. Buck DC-DC LTC3406B
A7226 Dual 600mA, 1.5MHz Syn. Busk DC-DC w/Low Iq LTC3407
A7136 800mA, 1.5MHz Syn. Buck DC-DC  
A7146 1.2A, 1.5MHz Syn. Buck DC-DC TPS62040
A7156 600mA, 1.2MHz Syn. Buck DC-DC w/UVLO & Softstart XC9215
A7176 600mA, 1.5MHz Syn. Buck DC-DC w/Low Iq and Fast Transient Response  
A7007 130mA Boost DC-DC MAX1833
A7107 Boost DC-DC  
A7117 600mA, 1.2MHz Syn. Boost DC-DC LTC3400B
A7127 600mA, 1.2MHz Syn. Boost DC-DC w/Low Iq LTC3400
A7207 200mA Boost DC-DC  
A7307 300/185mA boost DC-DC  
A7114 5Ch DC-DC, 1xStep-up, 1xStep-down,2xPWM Step-up, 1xPWM Step-down MAX1584
A7124 5ch DC-DC, 1xStep-up, 1xStep-down,1xPWM Step-up, 1xPWM Step-down,1xlnverting MAX1585
A7134 6ch, 1xStep-up, 1xStep-down, 1xStep-up/Step-down, 3xPWM Step-up MAX1566
A7144 6ch, 1xStep-up, 1xStep-down, 1xStep-up/Step-down, 2xPWM Step-up, 1xlnverting MAX1567
LDO A1117 1A Positive Low Drop-Out Regulator LMS8117A
A1084 5A Positive Low Drop-Out Regulator LM1084
A1085 3A Positive Low Drop-Out Regulator LM1085
A6150 150mA CMOS LDO w/Enable Pin XC62
A6151 150mA Low Noise, High PSRR, w/Enable Pin XC62
A6152 150mA Wide Input Voltage Range, Low Iq  
A6155 Dual CMOS LDO 150mA/Ch w/Enable Pin XC64
A6202 Dual CMOS LDO 200mA/Ch, programmble  
A6203 Triple CMOS LDO 200mA/Ch, programmble  
A6204 Quad CMOS LDO 200mA/Ch, programmble  
A6250 250mA CMOS LDO XC62
A6500 500mA CMOS LDO w/Enable Pin XC62
RF Product RF Transistor A3837 NPN Silicon Epitaxial, 50mA 1.5GHz, 18V 2SC3837
A3083 NPN Silicon Epitaxial, 80mA 3.0GHz, 15V 2SC4803
A3356 NPN Silicon Epitaxial, 200mA 6.0GHz, 12V 2SC3356
A3901 NPN Silicon Epitaxial, 100mA 7.0GHz, 9V 2SC4901
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