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Lapping & Polishing Machine
We develop and sell lapping & polishing machines which enable to do ultrahigh precision processing to meet a wide variety of precision requirements, from development and trial production to mass production. These machines are applicable to the processing of metal, ceramics, electronic parts, optical parts, semiconductor wafers and others. Please feel free to contact us.

High Precision Single-sided Lapping & Polishing Machine

These are high-precision lapping & polishing machines pursuing processing precision.
These machines include constant temperature of plate mechanism as standard equipment.

High Precision Single-sided Lapping Machine with Tri-axial Control

This machine equips plate-adjustment mechanism (facing mechanism) with bite elevator control.
High-precision flat surface control and R-surface control of flexible curvature by feedback are feasible with this machine.

Automatic Fixed-sizing Single-sided Lapping System

This system enables to control absolute dimension to lap & polish with the use of fixed-sizing jig.
This is most suitable for sample polishing and back-lapping processing of silicon, sapphire, etc.

Desktop Single-sided Lapping & Polishing Machine

This is a desktop lapping & polishing machine having a plate of φ380 typically used.
This is suitable for a wide variety of requirements from R&D to production.

Compact Single-sided Lapping & Polishing Machine

This model is a compact desktop lapping/polishing machine which fits into a wide range of requirements such as sample polishing, R&D or prototype and various types of materials to polish.
A lightweight and compact model enables to install and use at any places.

Double-sided Lapping & Polishing Machine

This machine is the best for lapping/polishing wafers, such as crystal, quartz and silicon, from small size (3B) to medium size (6B or 9B), where the parallelism is required.

Flat-surface Grinding Machine

This is a flat-surface grinding machine to meet various requirements from back-grinding of silicon or sapphire to processing of thin-wafers.
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