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Machines & Equipment

Techno Rise provides high-precision processing equipment to meet the industrial needs which include the sophisticated integration for various devices, downsizing of various components or stringent environmental compliance.
Our product line also includes lapping & polishing machines and CMP machines covering advanced higher-precision processing, flat-surface grinding machines and brush-polishing machines which generate work improvement and laborsaving, various cleaning machines and drying machines which we verify and propose from the high-precision processing standpoint, and others.

Lapping & Polishing Machines

These machines are utilized for ultra-precision lapping & polishing of the various materials required high accuracy such as large size metals like automobile parts, ceramics, semiconductor, electronic parts (laser, magnetic head, etc.).
Lapping & Polishing Machines
  • High Precision Single-sided Lapping & Polishing Machine
  • High Precision Single-sided Lapping & Polishing Machine with Tri-axial Control
  • Automatic Fixed-sizing Single-sided Lapping System
  • Desktop Single-sided Lapping & Polishing Machine
  • Compact Single-sided Lapping & Polishing Machine
  • Double-sided Lapping & Polishing Machine
  • Flat-surface Grinding Machine

CMP Machines

This machine is suitable for CMP processing which is essential technology among the layering technologies of semiconductor. This includes sheet processing essential to through-silicon via (TSV).
The model is a semiautomatic CMP machine for processing high-mix and a wide variety of processes.
CMP Machines
  • Desktop CMP Machine
  • CMP Machine for R&D (semiautomatic type)
  • CMP Machine for φ300 mm Wafers (manual type)

Vacuum Bonding Machines

These are bonding machine for temporary fixing or machine for separation of processing objects essential to the processes of polishing and CMP sheet processing, vacuum laminating machine and junction machine.
Vacuum Bonding Machines
  • Diaphragm-style Vacuum Bonding Machine
  • Cylinder-style Vacuum Bonding Machine

Cleaning Machines

We have various types of cleaning machines for a wide variety of the objects to clean, including semiconductor, foods, etc.: scrubbing cleaning using brush, mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning such as etching cleaning, cleaning with ultrasonic waves, high-pressure jet, carbon oxide or ozone, and single-wafer processing type and batch-type.
Cleaning Machines
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
  • Brushing & Scrubbing Cleaning Machine
  • Pure Water Spin Cleaning/Drying Machine
  • RCA Cleaning Machine
  • Functional Water Cleaning Machine

Special Processing Devices

We design and manufacture ultra-precision processing tools (mold, functional parts, etc.) that fit into various types of works and machines, such as processing machines, evaluation equipment, etc., that fulfill high-precision requirements.
Special Devices
  • Brush Polisher
  • Equipment for recycling liquid remover of membranes for color filter

Designing and Manufacturing Ultra-precision Fixtures

Special fixtures are essential tools in various types of industrial equipment and in manufacturing precision parts like electronic components. We propose and provide fixtures, through our experience and technology accumulated in the various fields, to address various types of the on-site needs which include pursuit of high-precision, stabilization and laborsaving of processes.
  • Automatic Fixed Sizing Fixtures
  • Wireless Transmission Automatic Sizing Fixtures
  • Work Chuck Fixtures
  • Locating Fixtures

Renewal/Refurbishment of Machines & Equipment

Renewal/Refurbishment of Machines & EquipmentWe provide services for maintenance, refurbishment or functional revision of idle or used machines made in Japan or foreign countries, without regard to manufacturers.
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