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Designing & Manufacturing of Ultra-Precision Jigs / Fixtures

Japan QualitySpecial fixtures are essential tools in various types of industrial equipment and in manufacturing precision parts like electronic components. We propose and provide fixtures, through our experience and technology accumulated in the various fields, to address various types of the on-site needs which include pursuit of high-precision, stabilization and laborsaving of processes.

We design and provide fixtures to meet the needs in various fields. That includes chucking plate tools necessary for lapping processing, fixed sizing grinding fixtures enabling absolute size processing, locating fixtures and stage, fixtures for assembly, etc.

Automatic Fixed Sizing Fixtures
Wireless Transmission Automatic Sizing Fixtures
▼ Wireless Transmission Automatic Fixed Sizing Fixture (T-WMCS)
*T-WMCS: Techno Rise Wireless Measure Control System

This device is suitable for control of the thickness to lap (absolute size) in lapping processing or backside lapping processing of silicon wafers, compound wafers, etc., or lapping processing of various materials to be used for electronic parts or sample works.

The surface of work chuck moves in parallel with lapping plate always. For this, parallelism of work is kept. (In-plane uniformity in case of wafers)
This model measures the amount lapped at each lapping processes and transmits these values to the lapping/polishing machine by wireless.

Use of our lapping/polishing machines along with control program enables to control start and stop of processing.

In addition to these, this model contains extended functions by which remote operation is feasible through LAN connection in your facilities.
We manufacture conditioning rings made of the materials like alumina-ceramics, diamond-coating, etc. to meet your specific processing.

Work Chuck Fixtures
・Vacuum Chuck Fixture
・Magnet Chuck Fixture
・Frozen Chuck Fixture
Position Fixing Jig
・High-precision XY stage
・Assembled fixtures
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