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Consumable Goods
polishing pad, diamond wheel, diamond bite, ceramic conditioning ring, double-sided lapping carrier, cutting blade
We advise, make a sale and support their operation regarding all sorts of products required for lapping/polishing proceeding such as lapping plate, polishing cloth, abradant or slurry, etc. We can also provide you with slurry dispersing, lapping/polishing cloth conditioner like diamond dresser to help the proceeding stabilized. We have some materials such as wafer for technical development, too.
FC, metal, resin, glass, etc
Polishing cloth for various purposes
Polyurethane, bonded material, suede, ceria, etc
diamond, alumina, ceria, silica, GC, WA, etc
Various dispersing, cleaning material
Various adhesive
Thermoplastic wax, UV cure adhesive, etc
Various conditioning ring
conditioning ring, diamond dresser, brush dresser, etc
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