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CMP Machine
This machine is suitable for CMP processing which is essential technology among the layering technologies of semiconductor. This includes sheet processing essential to through-silicon via (TSV).
The model is a semiautomatic CMP machine for processing high-mix and a wide variety of processes.

Desktop CMP Machine

This model is a compact, desktop CMP machine suitable for the development of MEMS/TSV technologies.

CMP Machine for R&D

This model is a semiautomatic CMP machine developed for R&D use to meet requirements of higher-precision planarization processing technology, utilizing CMP technology for devices with sophisticated integration and speed-up to which interlayer membrane CMP, Cu wiring, TSV technology are required.

CMP Machine for φ300 mm Wafers

This model is a manual CMP machine capable of processing φ300 mm wafers and is suitable for MEMS, TSV and sheet processing.
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