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Cleaning MAchine
cleaning machine
We provide various cleaning machines such as fully automated "batch process" and "single water process" cleaning machines with high productivity and cleaning efficiency for simple to high-precise cleaning used in product development and trial production, that meets our customer's needs.

Using our affluent technical know-how and technology concerning material components of semiconductor and electronic parts, and also metal components, we suggest various cleaning (supersonic wave, brush, high-pressure jet, chemicals, UV, etc.) and drying methods.
* Hard to remove and dry the dirt or dust (particles) in microscopic hole or line.
* Hard to remove water marks.
* Unsure of the cleaning method using chemical solution.

If you have any of these problems, please contact us!

Ultrasonic cleaning machine
This is a machine to remove adhering powder or dust on precision devices, optical devices, metal parts, ceramics and other jigs by ultrasonic vibration (20kHz~). They can be used in various processes to meet your needs. We supply from desktop size to large size machines.
Brushing and scrubbing cleaning machine
This cleaning machine is able to remove and dry dust after supply and before/after each process of precision devices, ceramics, glass substrates, wafers, and mechanically clean the slurry after the lapping/polishing process using brushes, without scratching the surface, in an all-in-one system.
Maintenance is easily done by one-touch simple replacement of the brush, and is used widely in various processes.
Pure water spin cleaning/drying machine
TCL300SPWThis cleaning machine is able to clean and dry the dust on both sides of Si wafers and glass substrates in a very short time. The cleaning process is done through one-touch simple operation by setting the workpiece on the rotating table. Both sides of the workpiece will be cleaned by pure water (5L/min) by the rotation of the table (Max 2000rpm) and then dry.
RCA cleaning machine
For the recent progressive semiconductor technology, this machine was developed in view of the productivity and processing performance of the cleaning process after CMP operation. The machine composition consists of DHF bath, AMP bath, HPM bath and DIW bath, and particles, slurry and dust (sub-micron size) can be removed using chemical components such as acid and alkaline.
Functional water cleaning machine
Recently, environmental destruction and waste liquid disposal are widespread problem among semiconductor manufacturers.
So here, Techno Rise also supplies functional water cleaning machine that is an alternative to RCA cleaning machines.
The cleaning efficiency to the fine particle can be enhanced by transforming the zeta potential on the surface using oxidation-reduction function of ozone water and hydrogenated water, and also the waste liquid cost can be cut down since there will be no chemicals used in the system. This is an environmentally-friendly machine!
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