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Vacuum Bonding Machine
Bonding machines enabling ultra-precise lapping and polishing processing are available from us.

We are able to support your development and production lines with our temporarily-fixed type bonding machines essential to ultra-precision processing.
These machines enable to accomplish fine processing necessary for current processing technology or to meet requirements of diversified super-advanced precision, and also, to make further precision upgrade possible utilizing the existing lapping/polishing processing lines.
Various types of shape and objects to process are feasible to apply to this model.
Please feel free to ask us for current issues or problems in your company.

Diaphragm-type Vacuum Bonding Machine
Cylinder-type Vacuum Bonding Machine
High Temperature-capable Cylinder-type Vacuum Bonding Machine
  • High Temperature-capable Vacuum Bonding Machine: HVSP200
Cylinder-type Bonding Machine
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