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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Philosophy

Techno Rise Corporation recognizes, as one of its highest priorities, the environmental management activities for realizing the society in harmony with the global environment. We fulfill our social responsibility through its activities for the environmental conservation in all the business operations.

Principles of Action

  1. Techno Rise Corporation will set up voluntary standards, in addition to complying with the environmental laws, regulations and local community rules.
  2. We will take action to reduce the environmental impact in the areas of all the company activities, products and services by continuing to promote the reduction of wastes and harmful substances, effective utilization of resources, energy conservation and recycling.
  3. We will develop and manufacture products and services with environmental influences in mind.
  4. We will promote green purchasing and procurement.
  5. We will take action for the continuous improvements and the prevention of environmental pollution in the environmental conservation activities.
  6. All the employees at Techno Rise Corporation will recognize the tasks and their roles for the environmental conservation and realize a recycling society.

Green Purchasing

Techno Rise Corporation will promote green purchasing activities for the purposes that we will minimize the environmental impact comprehensively, considering the need of purchasing goods for daily operations, and that we will make contributions to the realization of the conservation of the global environment and the recycling society.

Green Procurement

Techno Rise Corporation will promote green procurement activities for the purposes that we will make clear-cut distinction among the prohibition of inclusion, abolition and proper control as for the substances with environmental impact which are included in the parts, materials, accessory materials or packing materials consisting of the products we manufacture, and the substances with environmental impact which are utilized during manufacturing processes, and we will familiarize both internal workers and external people with its distinction.

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